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General functions

In the toolbar you find the general functions of the AppDesigner:


With the left button (ToolTipText “New ab3 file …”) you create a new flow file based on the default template:


The shown elements are just to demonstrate the basic possibilities of the AppDesigner. As a result, you can remove these elements without any consequences. Currently, this default template is hardcoded within the application. In future versions of the AppDesigner, it’s planned to load the default template from a file that is placed in the binary folder of the application. The file name will be “NewFileFileTemplate.ab3”.

With the second button (ToolTipText “Open ab3 file …”) you can open an existing flow. If you need samples please check the download section of the project. There are always some files available (“”). These samples are only designed to play with the AppDesigner or taken from other projects using the AppDesigner. You need the according source code to run the resulting application.

With the third button (disk icon) you save the current state of the shown flow description. Currently, no auto save function is implemented in AppDesigner, so don’t forget to save your changings before using!

With the last button “Save as …” you are able to select the desired folder and filename of your flow description. The give filetype (.ab3) is optional. You could also use .txt or any other extension if you want to.

The last used file is opened by default after starting the AppDesigner if the file could be found. Otherwise the main window will be empty.

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