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Modify the view of a wire

After selecting a wire by a single click three thumbs are shown:
Then you can modify the source and target point by moving its thumbs:
Currently, there are eight possible source and target points of any connection: TopLeft, Top, TopRight, Left, Right, BottomLeft, Bottom and BottomRight.
You can add additional points (as many as you want) by the context menu of the center thumb (Add new point attribute here). By doing this, every wire is split into two segments marked by a point attribute and its position in the flow text. Now you can move every point as you want to. Almost every visual presentation of a wire connection is possible:
You also can remove a unused point attribute. Again, use the context menu of the unused point (“Remove this point attribute (name)”).

If you just want to remove all point attributes of a wire connection by a single step use the context menu entry of the center thumb (“Reset wire attributes”).

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